The Commonwealth Government provides the majority of the funding made available through the NDIS and Over 65’s Continuity of supports program. The funding is only available if Life Unlimited complies with the regular quality reviews conducted by the NDIS.


What is funded in a NDIS plan?

Depending on your goals and aspirations, the funding in your NDIS plan may include:

  • Core funding – funding that covers functional support needs for daily living and participation and to access community supports and activities.
  • Capital funding – funding that covers the purchase of one off items such as equipment, technology or modifications. It also includes funding for Specialist Disability Accommodation.
  • Capacity funding – funding that supports skill building, training, learning, capacity building, accessing employment, improving health and wellbeing and support coordination.


People up to the age of 65 who have been assessed for an NDIS plan will live in the local government area of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens. Your NDIS planner in consultation with you will develop your plan to meet your needs. Then you can choose how to manage the funding for the supports in your plan. There is also a scheme for when you reach 65 years of age this is called the, “Over 65’s Continuity of supports program”


Anyone can be referred to Life unlimited for services, however referrals over 65 years of age (or ATSI over 50’s) referrals are received from My AGED CARE portal and ACAT (Aged care assessment team). Telephone contact needs to be made to the above to organise your eligibility assessment. An assessment in your home is conducted to determine the full range of services required. You can request Life Unlimited to be your preferred provider of services.


We give feedback to the NDIS through the TTP survey and charge according to NDIS prices guide.

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