As Life Unlimited has a culture which recognises your right to voice your concerns, we welcome your feedback which will then give us the opportunity to improve our services to you and to have your suggestions and complaints resolved without reprisal or criticism.


Procedure guide:

Contact us in writing or by completing this form or by phone contact. You may remain anonymous if you’d like.

We will follow up with you if you wish. We will review your comments, concerns and advise you of the outcome if you wish. We will use this information as part of our quality improvement process, and you can view this documentation at any time. If you are not satisfied with the outcome you can contact us.


Compliments, Complaints, and Feedback

    Details of the person filling in this form

    Who is completing the form:

    Your details:

    Date feedback submitted:
    If not the participant, your relationship to the participant:
    Do you wish to remain anonymous? YesNo
    Preferred method of contact: PhoneEmailLetter
    Name of person the compliment/complaint/incident is regarding:
    Can we speak to you or the participant about this feedback? YesNo

    Please tick one of the following: ComplimentComplaintFeedbackOther

    Is your feedback related to:
    The care of services you are receiving: YesNo
    The care of service that someone else is receiving: YesNo
    Health and safety issue: YesNo

    Please give the detail regarding your feedback, what happened?

    Where did it happen?
    Were there any witnesses? YesNo
    Name of the witness:

    Feedback resolution or outcome
    What is considered the appropriate resolution by the person making this feedback

    Would you like to be involved in the resolution process? YesNo
    Would you like feedback on the resolution? YesNo
    Preferred method of contact: PhoneEmailLetter

    If the matter above involves a serious issue affecting the safety or heath to wellbeing of a care participant, or if it relates under guidelines of a serious offence Life Unlimited may be obliged to refer relevant material to the appropriate external agencies, including health and professional regulatory bodies and the police.

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